Apac trainers | 2018


Hilary Claire - Sports acrobatics - sydney


Hilary Claire, Australian champion, super base and coach extraordinaire is returning to APAC once again to share her sports acro knowledge!

Many of you know her from previous APACs so you don't need to be told how awesome she is. However if you are new to APAC or sports acro check out the below video for a taste of what Hilary will be bringing to APAC 2018!

Heidi Blais - acroyoga - Canada

It is with great pleasure that we are able to introduce to you, the international, the amazing: Heidi Blais!

Trained by the Montreal school of AcroYoga, Heidi describes herself as both a teacher and an eternal student who is dedicated to empowering people while instilling creativity and playfulness. If you are coming to APAC for the AcroYoga this will be a great chance to get a taste of what the Montreal style is all about.



Liam and maddy - circus/sports acro - Aus

Coming to APAC 2018 to teach hand to hand, russian cradle and entries into dynamic skills are the amazing duo Maddy and Liam!

Coming from a gymnastics background Maddy has over 8 years of coaching experience while Liam, a NICA Grad and world record holder, has been practicing since he was 4 years old! Together these guys are an adagio powerhouse that have an amazing wealth of knowledge to share. Come train with them at APAC 2018!


DUO DIE - partner acrobatics - usa

APAC veterans Duo Die are returning in 2018! Besides being adored by the community Duo Die represent exactly what APAC is all about: true multi-disciplinary training!

These talented acrobats first met many years ago at an acroyoga workshop. This meeting would be the start of a journey in which they would go on to train circus, hand to hand and risley. Along the way they have studied under sports acro trainers and at circus schools alike... and have come utilise an array of techniques that include stunting, powerlifting, gymnastics and handstands... just to name few!

View Duo Dies Facebook here


ANDRé AUGUSTUS - circus - aus

We are please to announce that the absolutely amazing André Augustus is coming to APAC 2018 to teach Banquine!

André has trained everywhere from Melbourne to Montreal and now spends his time time performing all over the world with his partner Annalise. Off the back of a successful showing at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest André went on to win the emerging artist at the Melbourne Fringe.

View Andre' & Annalise's Facebook page here


Rachel Locks and Keith Bearne - movement/break dance - usa/aus

Rachel Locks and Keith Bearne are coming to APAC to teach break dancing and acrobatic movement!

Rachel is a national champion sports acrobat who teaches movement workshops around the world. Keith is a professional breakdancer and self confessed fitness nerd who has performed for Snoop Dogg and the Black Eyed Peas.

View their Facebook here

Scott & Ebony - acroyoga - aus

Coming to APAC 2018 to add a second dose of acroyoga to the schedule are Scott & Ebony of Threads!

Hailing from Tasmania this duo is dedicated to inspiring people to live in a way that aligns with their heart while building strong fundamentals and deep skill through an authentic AcroYoga practice. With a focus on communication, trust and community Scott & Ebony love to work the technical elements of acroyoga while bringing a health dose of fun and play.

Kali Seitzer - cheer - usa

You asked for her so we got her back! Kali returns to APAC in 2018 to teach cheer and partner stunting!

Kali Rae Seitzer of Inspire Cheer Camps was a 2013 World Champion and 2014 Gold Medalist with team USA, she is renowned cheer leading coach and judge with over 13 years experience in the field. Kali has been one of the most well loved trainers of APAC's past so we are excited to announce her return.

Watch her in action here:

Tim Rutty & Tarah Carey (gravity dolls) - handstands - aus

Teaching both Beginner and Advance handstands at APAC, Tim and Tarah began collaborating in 2014, their work blends theatre and circus in a way that challenges the laws of gravity and invokes a sense of magical realism. Both of these award winning performers have a life time of experience in a range of movement disciplines to draw on and share with you at APAC!


Check them out here


Dan Rabin - russian bar - aus


Founder of the The Circus Spot Daniel has shared both his skills and his love of circus with thousands for well over a decade. Describing himself as a typical circus geek he has worked in and around the industry with such names as Circus Oz, Circus Quirkus, ThrowDown, the traditional family Circus, Circus Royale, Dislocate Physical Theatre and has even supported the rock band The Dresden Dolls!


shannon mcgurgan - circus - aus


Teaching Three Highs at APAC in 2018 is the one and only Shannon McGurgan

A professional entertainer and trainer of over 20 years, Shannon is an old hand with a lot to share. A core tenant of his acrobatics philosophy is finding the tension, and that developing a solid connection is more important than just learning tricks.

Shannon is currently touring with the Carnival of Lost Souls, has worked with Circus Trick Tease in the past and is the brains behind Cycle Circus. But next year he will at APAC to apply his acro philosophy to your three high practice!

For more on Shannon head here:


thomaS GORHAM - heaDBALANCE - aus

Teaching teeterboard and headbalancing, Tom is a versatile mover. Thomas grew up as a breakdancer before moving into the acrobatic world where he is now known for his ability with the washington trapeze, hand balancing, hoop diving, teeterboard and hand to hand.... With such a jam packed schedule it's a pity we can't let Thomas teach them all!For more about Thomas:


jon clarke - contact improv - aus

Jon is a performer and producer who has worked across theatre, circus and dance. Jon's current focus is improvisation, primarily with ensemble site-specific performing and street theatre.

In the past Jon has studied at the John Bolton Theatre School. He has worked locally and internationally with Born In A Taxi, Liquid Skin Dance and Polyglot Theatre. He is also the recipient of residencies from TRACKS Dance in Darwin and Legs on the Wall in Sydney where he has investigated the crossover between physical performative art forms.

He is a regular at Cecil Street contact improvisation jams which are a strong influence on his creative and performative practice.

Come benefit from Jon's vast experience at APAC 2018!


graeme and bibiana - swing dance - aus


And just in case you didn't think there was enough on the APAC schedule, swing dancing will be back in 2018 taught by Graeme and Bibiana from Moonlight Aviators!

From the ballet slippers of her childhood, Bibiana took to swing dance like a swan to a lake. She is trained in a variety of disciplines including classical ballet, musical theatre, cheerleading and swing dance. Bibiana’s dance philosophy has always been ‘you lead, I’ll follow’ and from that foundation she listens to her lead, tailors her response to fit her partner’s style and focuses her teaching on technique and styling.

Graeme has been dancing swing since late 2004 when he gate-crashed a ball because the music was cool. He loves all styles of swing but Blues is where his inner-Patrick Swayze really steps forward, and with a background in circus acrobatics he is always keen to play with air steps. Graeme is also a choreographer where he loves to incorporate the skills and personalities of dancers to bring routines to life.

For more about Graeme and Bibiana: