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Are you interested in volunteering at Spinfest 2020? Are you keen to get involved with a great, hard working and dynamic team of circus and event professionals from around Australia?

We are currently accepting applications, and need an awesome team, to help make Spinfest 2020, our 11th year, the best it can be!

Spinfest is totally self funded and relies on the help of our wonderful community, and a handful of dope volunteers. If you are skilled or studying event/stage management, are a hard ass committed worker, can make kick ass coffee, or are an obsessive administrative organiser, we have a job for you!

When: 16 - 20th Jan 2020
*January 16th (arrival day) | 17th - 19th Jan (workshops) | 20th Jan (epic pack-down day)

*We will get back to you before the end of earlybird registration, to let you know if your application has been successful. Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to give feedback to each application, but if you would like individual feedback please email ciaraspinfest@chriscarlos.com.au