no soup for you!

oh bummer, darn it, drats, bugger it, damnit, shiver me timbers, goodness gracious, fudge, gah, dang, boo, far out, jeebas, good lord... 



All that fluffin around to scan the code and you got nothin'.... well, thats what you thought.

You've actually won yourself a solid paragraph of phrase.

You are freakin' awesome, you know that right? You work hard, your'e intelligent, you make people smile, you are a great friend, you help out, you pack the dishwasher, take the rubbish out. I mean, you deserve some sort of reward for all of your brilliance. I am honestly surprised you're not wearing a cape. 

Actually, I know you are an above average human, I mean, the fact that you are still reading this is a testament to your patience (possible boredom) and insane awesomeness.

You should treat yo' self for all your hard work and commitment to life... oh what was that? oh, you want to see No Frills Cabaret as a gift to yourself? Oh goodness me, what a great idea!

I wish I had have thought of that.

..and oh! Look here is a link to buy tickets (how convenient!) 

No Frills Cabaret is on till the 18th of March.
Shows are at the Empyrean at Gluttony and start at 6.50pm.

Come! We would love to have your awesome face in our audience! 

Golden Ticket1.jpg