naww man..

boo hiss! all that good karma you have been accruing hasn't paid off this time.  

buuutttt... never fear. if you come to the show, there is every chance you could accrue more good karma.Perhaps you'll help a grandma cross the road? MAYBE YOU'LL CATCH A STUMBLING ACROBAT? or YOU COULD EVEN SPOIL A LOVED ONE BY GETTING THEM A TICKET (NOW THAT WILL GET YOU GOOD KARMA) AM I RIGHT!?

Lets be honest, accruing karma is just one of the many benefits of treating your eyeballs to No Frills Cabaret. Don't believe this writing on a website that you found from scanning a code? Well, then feast your retinas on this review!

You should totes come though, the fact that you are still reading this is a testament to your patience, awesomeness and possible karma accruing needs.

No Frills Cabaret is on till the 18th of March.
Shows are at the Empyrean at Gluttony and start at 6.50pm.

Buy tickets here. Bring your friends, and get ready to fill your karma accruing backpack!

Golden Ticket1.jpg