2020 Scholarship Application


APAC is excited to announce that it will be awarding three lucky people a ticket to APAC in 2020. The awards are open to anyone who fits the criteria and who would otherwise struggle to pay for a ticket. Successful applicants will be chosen based on their responses to the application form below.

This year we have decided to support three sectors of the partner acrobatics community that we feel are underrepresented.

The first is for Australians of colour. We want to encourage diversity in all sectors in our community, so if you are an Australian citizen (or waiting for citizenship) of colour, we encourage you to apply!

The second is for Lady Bases! We love women and would be delighted to have more strong, capable and eager ladies join in the fun at APAC in 2020. You can of course dabble in middling and flying, but we’d prefer if your main focus was basing.

The third award will be given to a youth participant (under 16 years old) as we love to help to grow and support the next generation of partner acrobats! *

If you are an Australian of colour, Identify as a female base or you are under 16 and wish to apply for the award, please complete the application form below.

The award winners will be announced on the 27th of October 2019.
Each award winner will be given one ticket to APAC in 2020 (Youth participants will also be eligible for a ticket for their guardian, however this ticket does not include participation in workshops).

*If you are under 16 please ask your guardians permission before applying


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