At Spin we employ an amazing crew of skilled, enthusiastic & experienced coaches to help you get the most out of your training time with us. We have a different mix for each course, so we can make sure the best coaches are chosen for the skills our students want to train


Dave Davy | Hand balancing | Conditioning

Dave is a passionate hand balancer whose greatest joy is in sharing his love of all things handstands. His commitment to learning and understanding the handstand has taken him on a journey to work with coaches from all over the world. Dave's perception into understanding and focusing on the principles of balance sets him apart and he tailors his training to the needs of the individual student, working with balancers still finding their feet (or....hands) to advanced students working on advanced skills such as one arm handstands. Dave's friendly and positive attitude (and amazingly funny jokes!) further enhances the experience of training with him.
Dave has taught in various locations around Australia as well as guest coaching in Europe, as well as coaching students from around all around the globe.


Byron Hutton | Juggling

Byron Hutton is a young, enthusiastic and highly skilled performer. Byron has performed on Live Television, in commercials, on the news and of course on many different stages. His juggling prowess was recognised overseas and was asked to be the New Zealand Juggling Festivals guest in 2013 and the Auckland Circus Convention 2012. At the 2014 Adelaide Fringe he was asked to perform on the Adelaide TV Fringe Gala, hosted by Paul McDermott and Katie Noonan; performing alongside The Umbilical Brothers, Damian Callinan and Gravity and Other Myths Circus. In 2015 he won Gasworks Circus Showdown with his 50-minute duo show called Jugg Life. Byron would have never thought his juggling would get such attention, but after 16 years of training, no one else is surprised!


Tarah Carey | Aerials | Tumbling | Performance

Growing up in the small town of Maryborough, QLD, Tarah spent most days in a gymnastics leotard. Her love of spangles and being a show pony led her to pursue a career in performing arts. Upon graduating from USQ's acting program she dusted off the lycra and trained with Vulcana Women's Circus in Brisbane.  In 2011, Tarah moved to Melbourne to be more involved in the arts and nurture her newfound love of dumplings.

Since moving to Melbourne Tarah has worked across film, TV, theatre and circus and co-founded the award winning circus company Gravity Dolls.

As a trainer, Tarah began teaching at her gymnastics club where she spent 4 years working alongside the head coach. Through this she developed an acute understanding of biomechanics and an eye for technique.