Bushfire Safety
Sokil Eco Arts Retreat is surrounded by Australian bush land and is susceptible to dangerous bush fires at this time of year. Due to this, there is strictly no open flames allowed anywhere on site other than at the main building (or on the fire nights during Spin Festival). If you wish to prepare your own meals using a camp stove, you are permitted to use it on the concrete surrounding the kitchen area. The safety of everyone at the festival is paramount, so we ask you to please adhere to this and help us keep everyone safe.

If you have purchased a dorm room, the dorm bed will have a pillow, however there will be no sheet or blankets or sleeping bags. You will need to bring these with you. Please keep in mind that it can get cold overnight, so bring warm bedding & clothing if you can.

Arriving on site
When you arrive on site, find a park in the temporary parking area. Then come and sign in and you will get directions to your dorm/camp site. As a fire safety measure, all cars will need to be reversed into its parking space.

Shuttle Bus from Geelong Station.
There will be NO shuttle buses available in 2020, due to the possibility of a fire & the need for everyone to safley evacuate. Check the Spin Circus Facebook page to organise a ride share.

Onsite purchases
Bring cash with you! There are NO ATM’s onsite and you’ll want to buy food, coffee and merchandise!


The site has a kitchen offering hearty and affordable meals (vegetarian & vegan options available). Daily passes can be purchased for $20 at the kitchen. Additionally there will be a coffee machine and a bar onsite. 
As mentioned above, if you wish to prepare your own meals using a camp stove, you are permitted to use it on the concrete surrounding the kitchen area.

We have an amazing raffle each year thanks to our generous sponsors! The raffle is drawn at renegade and tickets can be purchased throughout the festival ($2 each, or 3 for $5). Also everyone gets one free ticket upon entry to the festival! Spinfest boasts over $3500 worth of prizes!

Renegade has become an institution at our festivals, however it is not compulsory to attend. Each renegade has a STRICT costume policy. No Costume, No Entry. Prizes will be given away for best-dressed costumes. Bring an act to perform! Something small, short, weird or whatever you feel. Anything from a knock knock joke, to making a smoothie on stage! Get some art in ya!

Pro shows
Saturday night we have a showcase from our wonderfull teachers and special guest artists at the festival, followed by an EPIC Fire jam!

Arrival and departure times
Spinfest- Gates open at midday on the 7th of January and the site closes at midday on the 11th of January 2020.

No outside alcohol is to be brought onto site. We have been told by VCGLR that there is a likelihood of an inspection and if we don’t comply with safe alcohol procedures we will be fined. And these fines are big. Nobody wants that.

Thank you all for being apart of the Spin Circus community. You are what make these events so awesome & we are so grateful that you’ll be apart of the fun in 2020.

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