so… what about…?

ACCOMODATION - Accomodation in Singapore cant be quite expensive, so a hostel might be the best option. We have struck a deal with The Drop Inn so get IPAC participants cheaper accomodation. Use code IPACSG in the comment section when booking to drop the price from $25 down to $19 per night. This deal is available til July 31st

FOOD - Singapore has THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD. Unlike accomodation, food is relatively inexpensive. There are hawker food courts spread throughout Singapore, so finding good food isn’t hard.

WHAT DO I BRING - Beyond what you usually need to travel, we suggest you bring: a refillable water bottle, chalk, a small towel for those of us who sweat, wrist wraps for toss (cotton tape is best), a notepad for you to remember skills and a desire to learn!

HOW DO I GET AROUND - The train and bus system in Singapore is easy to use and inexpensive. We suggest you get a card and use the MRT to get around. Even from the airport. Go here for more details